Approved By-laws:

Arizona Committee of Safety


Arizona Committee of Safety


Name:  The name of the Association shall be the Arizona Committee of Safety (ACoS).

Purpose:  The Purpose is to provide for the Safety, Protection, and Security of the lawful inhabitants of Arizona, especially in those areas where the federal and state government have failed to provide such protection.  All activity is to be in adherence to the Arizona Constitution and the Constitution for the United States of America.

Organization:  The Association shall be organized as follows:

The Association will be comprised of all lawful inhabitants of Arizona who subscribe to the Association, so long as they remain in good standing.  The family members of any subscriber will be deemed, also, to be subscribers and may avail themselves of any benefits provide by the Association.  They shall not, unless subscribers themselves, be allowed to attend any meeting; vote for matters before the Association; vote for officers or delegates to the Association, or otherwise participate in any activities of the Association, unless they are they, too, subscribe.  Subscribers will be required to sign the Subscription Roll, and will be required to take the Secrecy Oath, if so directed.

The Executive Board (ACoS) shall be comprised of five (5) officers, to be elected annually by the Association.  These offices are Chairman; Secretary/Historian, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, and Sergeant at Arms/Parliamentarian.  Any Subscriber may offer himself to serve as an officer of the Association.  At the meeting in which elections for officers are to be held, those who have offered to serve will be allowed to give an oral explanation as to their qualifications, not to exceed five (5) minutes in length.  They will also be required to answer any questions posed to them, at the end of their presentation.  Any subscriber may pose questions.  At the time to vote, each Subscriber may cast a vote for each of the four offices.  Those who receive the highest vote count will serve on the Executive Board.  If there is a tie, then a second election shall be held and include only those names who are tied in their vote count.  Each subscriber shall be allowed one vote in this tie-breaking election.  

The Chairman shall only vote on matters before the Executive Board to break a tie.  The other officers will have no vote on the Executive Board.

The Executive Board shall consist of the Chairman, Secretary/Historian; a Treasurer; a Sergeant-at-Arms/Parliamentarian; and a Public Relations Officer, and two (2) Delegates from each County that has established a Committee of Safety.  Those appointed to such office shall take the Oath of Secrecy.  

In the event that any County within the State shall form a Committee of Safety within their County, they shall select a two (2) delegates, whose term is under the control of the County Committee of Safety, to serve as a full member of the Executive Board, except that he shall not hold the position of Chairman or any other office.  The County Delegates shall select from their number a Vice-Chairman.  All delegates shall take the Oath of Secrecy.

Officers: The officer's duties are as follows:

Chairman:  Shall be responsible for preparation of an agenda for each meeting, based upon information submitted to him; Shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of both Executive Board meetings and Association meetings; and, shall assure that assigned responsibilities are completed by those designated to perform them.  He shall be the only person, along with the Secretary, that can sign any document on behalf of the Association.

Vice-Chairman:  Shall act in the capacity of the Chairman in the absence, or incapacity, of the Chairman.

Secretary/Historian:  The Secretary/Historian shall prepare minutes of each meeting, which meetings will be presented at the next meeting, for correction and/or approval by the Executive Board.  The Secretary/Historian shall also compile a running log of events significant to the permanent historical record of the Arizona Committee of Safety, which will be subject to correction and approval by the Executive Board.  The Secretary shall attest all documents signed by the Chairman, to assure consistency with the will of the Executive Board and/or Association.

Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining funds and records, and shall make a report of the finances of the Association at each Executive and Association meeting.

Public Relations Officer:  The Public Relations Officer shall be experienced in dealing with the press (in all forms).  He shall be responsible for the preparation of any press releases issued on behalf of the Association or Executive Board.  He is the only public spokesman for the Arizona Committee of Safety.  On matters where there is concern over what should be disclosed, he shall consult with the Executive Board for concurrence.  He shall not make arbitrary decisions that may affect the image of the ACoS.  He can be censured or removed, at any time, by a vote of the Executive Board.

Sergeant at Arms/Parliamentarian:  The Sergeant at Arms/Parliamentarian shall have a knowledge of the procedures as laid out in Roberts Rules of Order, which is hereby adopted as the rules for the conduct of all General Association meetings and all Executive Board meetings.  Any rules passed by the Executive Board that affect the Executive Board meetings will supersede Roberts, where in conflict.  If the rules said rules are to effect the General Association meeting, then they must also be approved by the General Association, only as the apply to the General Association meetings.  The Sergeant at Arms/Parliamentarian shall act as liaison to Militia and any County Militia Sub-Committee, until such time as a Militia Sub-Committee is established with at least three members.  Once established, the Sergeant at Arms/Parliamentarian shall be a member of said Militia Sub-Committee.  The sub-committee shall elect a Chairman, who shall then be the liaison to the Militia and any County Militia Sub-Committees.  The Sergeant at Arms/Parliamentarian will by Vice-Chairman of said committee, unless elected Chairman, in which case the sub-committee shall elect a Vice-Chairman.

Rules:  The Arizona Committee of Safety has adopted the following Rules:

1.  Any lawful inhabitant of Arizona may subscribe to the Association, so long as he holds the Constitution for the United States of America and the Arizona Constitution, as written, as the supreme law of the land.

2.  Application to become a subscriber to the Arizona Committee of Safety shall fill out a Subscription Form.  His name shall be read to the next General Association meeting.  Should any current subscriber challenge an applicant, the Executive Board shall hold a hearing, take testimony and evidence, and decide by vote, as to whether the applicant shall be accepted as a subscriber, or rejected.

3.  Any applicant accepted as a subscriber shall sign and date the General Association Oath.

4.  No member shall speak ill of another subscriber, nor any organization participating in the Association during any meeting of the Association.  A meeting shall include that time when subscribers begin to gather for the meeting, during the meeting, except if during discussion of a motion or a candidate; or, after the meeting until subscribers have left for their homes.  Nor shall any member conduct himself in such a way as to bring discredit on the Arizona Committee of Safety or other Committees under the Arizona Committee of Safety, at any time. Violations of this rule shall be subject to censure upon the first offense; and, revocation of subscription, upon an occurrence in violation of the censure.  Vote for censure is by the Executive Board only.  Vote for revocation must be recommended by the Executive Board and approved by the Association.

5.  In the event that any subscribers speaks ill of any subscriber or organization outside of the meeting, the Executive Board may, upon request of the subscriber or organization's delegate, hear such matter and determine to censure, and for subsequent revocation.

6.  Any organization may seek recognition (this does not mean support) for its organization by assuring that a delegate from that organization is a subscriber and regularly attends the Association meetings.

7.  Any Militia may seek representation by that Militia by assigning a delegate to the Militia Sub-Committee.

8.  Any five (5) subscribers can demand that a sub-committee be formed on any subject (i.e.  Historical Research; Education; Good Will, etc.).  Membership in such committee must be open to any subscriber who shows an interest in the subject matter; Said membership may be terminated by a majority vote of the sub-committee members, if the offending member is disruptive.  Any proposals emitting from a sub-committee shall be submitted to the Executive Board, in a written report that shall include:  Background, reason; arguments pro and con, actions to be taken, and estimated cost (if any), recommended wording for any motion to be presented to the Executive Board and/or Association; and, the name of a designated spokesperson representing the sub-committee on the matter at hand.

9. Official Website: The official website for the Arizona Committee of Safety will be and .net. These have been acquired and are redirected to the Committee of Safety webpage (, at which site only officially approved documents shall be posted for public dissemination

10. Website Name Structure: County Committees of Safety, once established, will be provided space on the ACoS website.  County Committees of Safety, if they choose to establish their own website, shall secure the name [county name], to retain a logical naming sequence and avoid confusion. 

11. The Arizona Committee of Safety does recognize that no allegiance is created by participation in the Patriot Unity Coalition (; that the Arizona Committee of Safety does hereby direct the Chairman and other officers to complete the proper application to participate in the Patriot Unity Coalition; and, that the Arizona Committee of Safety, through its officers, is authorized to add the Patriot Unity Coalition banner to the Arizona Committee of Safety website at

12. That any matter requiring a decision that will represent the Arizona Committee of Safety, once approved by the Executive Board for consideration, will be presented to the General Association (Assembled -those present only voting) for a determination as to whether the ACoS will proceed with such proposal.

13. The Executive Board shall carry out the administrative functions of the Arizona Committee of Safety and will also carry out any activity or mandate approved by the General Association (Assembled).


January 3, 2012


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